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Find locations with the vibe and amenities you're looking for: from companies that have space left to coworking spaces, multi-company buildings or simply separate offices. Prices are all-in, there are no hidden fees and the availability is always up to date.

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Found a nice location? Ask a question online or directly plan a viewing. You will then first get a short tour from the landlord. You can also always call us at +31 85 888 2882

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Are you enthusiastic after your viewing? Then you can usually start immediately, often with a short notice. You rent directly from the landlord and Launchdesk takes care of a fair contract. Renting through Launchdesk is not more expensive.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What type of workspace or office can I rent through Launchdesk?
  • Launchdesk helps freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups find the perfect workspace or office space.

    Launchdesk has many unique locations: the platform is full of offices and workspaces that are offered by groups of entrepreneurs, multi-company buildings, coworking spaces and companies that have some spaces available. Launchdesk also has completely separate office spaces and temporary offices for rent.

    All locations have a good vibe and good amenities. You rent directly from the landlord, for a good price and often with a short notice. All information about office on the website is up-to-date and it’s not more expensive to find an office via Launchdesk!

    What you find on Launchdesk:
    • Separate office spaces: your own, unshared space, for yourself, your small team or your large company. The sizes of Launchdesk offices range from 10 square meters to entire floors.
    • Fixed desks: your own, unshared desk, that you can rent for yourself, or your small team. They are most often situated in an open space with other entrepreneurs. You can leave your things at your workspace and you can usually make use of your workspace full-time.
    • Flexdesks: a desk, that you can use for a few days a week, and share with the other people at the office. They are most often situated in an open space with other entrepreneurs. At some locations you can leave your things there, sometimes you can’t.
    Every office has its own charm and focus: industrial, or very chique, with a strong focus on writers or developers, or rather with a mix of different people.
  • How do I find the best office or the best workspace?
  • Searching for the best workspace is very simple: on Launchdesk you can filter very specifically to create a selection of offices that match your needs.

    Enter your city and fill in what you’re looking for, a desk or an office space, and click ‘Let’s go’. You’ll see a list of locations in your neighbourhood: look at the photos and the short descriptions to find locations that you might want to work at.

    You can adapt the search results by using the filters: you can for example filter on price, amenities and even the background of the people at the office.

    Click on an office to read more about it. Every location has a detailed description of the office itself and the people, an overview of what you can rent and the amenities and, maybe the most important thing: reviews of viewers and renters. During your search you can save locations by clicking on the heart-icon.

    If you’ve found one or more offices you want to take a look at, click on ‘plan’ on the page of an office. You can also use the general form or call +3185 888 2882: we know all the different locations well and are happy to help you along. We will plan viewings for you immediately. You will get a short tour from the landlord, so you can determine of you like the office (and the people)!

    Are you enthusiastic after your viewing? Then you can usually start right away. You will rent directly from the landlord, often with flexible terms.
  • What are the conditions if I want to rent something?
  • You have found the workspace that fits your needs! And now it needs to be made official. You always rent directly from the landlord. The contract that you’ll get will be drawn up by Launchdesk. The contract is always fair and clear, and Launchdesk alway pushes for the most flexible conditions.

    The conditions in the contract are however set by the landlord. All conditions are described for every office, so you know what they are before you go for a viewing. The most important conditions in your rental contract that you can read on Launchdesk:
    • Rent price: the prices you see on Launchdesk are the rent prices per month. Amenties that are listed are always included in that price, but VAT is excluded. For office spaces the prices are all inclusive, so they also include service costs. For workspaces the price that is listed is the price per desk per month.
    • Notice: the notice is often flexible and ongoing. Many offices for example set an ongoing notice of two months for workspaces. This means that when you give your notice, you will get a maximum of two more invoices. The notices for spaces are often a bit longer.
    • Deposit: almost all locations ask a deposit when you start renting. Most often this deposit is one month rent including VAT. You will get this deposit back at the end of your rental contract, of nothing is broken and all invoices are paid.
    • House rules: every landlord has his own house rules. House rules are often very straightforward and say something about opening hours and the use of amenities for example.
    Most offices on Launchdesk also use Launchdesk for the administration of the rent. That means that you will also receive an invoice from Launchdesk for the rent every month: usually two weeks before the start of every month. The rent invoice has to be paid before the first of the month (so rent payment precedes the month).
  • How does Launchdesk make money?
  • Launchdesk is completely free for entrepreneurs that are looking for an office. It’s also not more expensive to rent an office through Launchdesk!

    Launchdesk makes money by asking a fee from landlords for a beautiful office profile, for marketing, for finding renters that match the group and for taking care of all rent administration.

    Launchdesk has an agreement with landlords that the rent price can never be higher than for renters that do not come in through Launchdesk. The landlord is a customer of Launchdesk and entrepreneurs and freelancers can use Launchdesk as a reliable platform for finding the perfect workspace.
  • How can I rent out my workspaces or office space?
  • Do you have office space or workspaces available? We van find renters for you, that match the office!

    We will come by as soon as possible to make free professional photos and texts. A few days later your office profile will be online. We introduce your office to the right people that are searching and create attention in social media campaigns and via mailings. Once someone wants to view your office, we plan a viewing with you.

    If someone wants to start renting, you decide first if you want that person as a renter. Saying no is always OK. We set up a fair rent contract between you and the renter and take care of the administration. You can follow everything live in your landlord dashboard.

    Read about pricing and add your office today!
  • What does the acquisition by SKEPP mean?
  • As of October 1st 2016, Launchdesk is acquired by SKEPP. Due to this take over SKEPP will be responsible for all the duties, formerly taken care of by Launchdesk. This way Launchdesk contributes to the ambitions of SKEPP. Part of the staff from Launchdesk was transferred to SKEPP. For the users of Launchdesk nothing will change, the offer will stay the same. The only difference is that, when you contact us in the future, employees of SKEPP will be speaking to you instead of Launchdesk personnel.