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Our office is located in a former art gallery on the Herengracht in the Negen Straatjes area, right behind the Royal Palace on Dam Square. We have work places available on the ground floor and in the basement. The work environment is professional but there is still plenty of room for social interaction. We frequently organize outings and have lunch together every day. Furthermore you are welcome to use our meeting room free of charge.

Photos of the office

  • The street from the office building
  • Big room
  • Workingspace with stairs
  • Lady's with a wineglass
  • A workingspace
  • Chairs and a big workingtable
  • A meetingroom
  • People behind the computer

Our desks in Amsterdam Grachtengordel

For rent in our office

(Last updated at 2 June 2022)

We have the following for rent:

4 part-time flex desks for 2 days per week for €174 per month (ex VAT)

  • A parttime flexdesk for two days per week. View
  • 4 available
  • €174 / month

Including mail processing, desk, internet facilities, meeting space, cabinet, kvk-registration, postal address and pantry

Notice period

A cancellation notice of 4 months

4 fulltime desks for €257 per desk per month (ex VAT)

  • Your own fulltime desk. View
  • 4 available
  • €257 / month

Including mail processing, desk, internet facilities, meeting space, cabinet, kvk-registration, postal address and pantry

Notice period

A cancellation notice of 4 months

Rent office space Herengracht 247, Amsterdam (5)

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About our office

Rent office space Herengracht 247, Amsterdam (27)

Our office has a characteristic appearance. The room on the ground floor has a high ceiling and the walls are covered with pieces by master forger Geert Jan Jansen. In short: an inspiring work environment. Additionally the office is easy to reach by public transport. From Amsterdam Central Station you can catch several trams that all have a stop within walking distance.

More about our office

About us

The party at our office consists of, among others, a communications consultant, an architect, a web builder, a filmmaker, ICT people, a consultant, an editor, an architectural historian and an events manager. In short: a varied troupe. This is a great environment to work in. There is always someone around who you can ask for advice regarding an assignment you need to resolve. People often comment that it seems as though we are colleagues. It certainly feels that way. We have no specific preference when it comes to a new tenant: anyone who works behind a desk is welcome here.

Parttime/fulltime desks at the Herengracht in Amsterdam Grachtengordel

From the entrance on the Herengracht you reach our office via a classic staircase and a small hallway. The ground floor contains a lunch/meeting table and there are six work places in the back. Another staircase takes you to the meeting room in the attic. The basement contains another six work places. This is also where you will find the small kitchen.

Your workspace Amsterdam Grachtengordel

Your work place consists of a worktop, a chair and a filing cabinet. Additionally you will be assigned space to store items in one of the shelving units. Our office does not have any lockable spaces.


If you rent a place from us we will give you your own key, which allows you access 24 hours per day, seven days a week. It is not a problem to work in the evening or during the weekend. We have fast wireless Internet and you can use the WiFi printer against an extra fee. Naturally you can also bring your own printer. The meeting room is fitted with a beamer and can be booked, free of charge, via a shared diary. There is a small kitchen with a Nespresso machine in the basement. We organize lunch together. We often get sandwiches from ‘t Kuyltje around the corner: one of the best sandwich bars in Amsterdam.


We are very sociable at our office. Outings are organized frequently, like for example boat trips along the canals, dinners, King’s Night party, Christmas dinner or New Year’s party. Furthermore we have lunch together every day. The basic principle at our office is ‘happy go lucky’. You are entirely free to determine whether and when you do or do not join in. It is not obligatory but you are very welcome.

In our office in Amsterdam Grachtengordel we have 4 part-time flex desks and 4 fulltime desks for rent.

Reviews of viewers and renters

7 reviews


"De bezichtiging was goed. Leuk gesprek gehad. Ik laat het nog even op mij inwerken"

Viewer in April 2016

"Dit kantoor vond ik super fijn en gezellig, maar hij is duurder dan de andere die ik bekeken heb, dus vandaar dat ik toch voor de KNSM-laan kies."

Renting at KNSM-Laan 93 since January 2016

"A very beatiful place to work in, perfect location, interesting people & diversed professions. That is probably the reason why it's almost full!"

Viewer in November 2015

"Ja erg positief. ik moet alleen even goed gaan bekijken of het voor mij de meest praktische plek is om kantoor te houden. Ivm met hoge kosten voor het vervoer er naar toe."

Viewer in June 2015

"Deze locatie heeft mijn voorkeur. Over deze locatie denk ik serieus na."

Renter since September 2015

"Leuke locatie, hier zijn we naar op zoek. We willen nog 1 plek ter vergelijking, maar dit is wel wat we zoeken."

Renter since January 2015

"Was erg positief 1.10 uur gesproken en rond geleid Zijn 2 hele en 2 halve plekken vrij Roland zei dat ik welkom ben en zou me de div mogelijkheden mailen"

Viewer in November 2014

Address: Launchdesk Herengracht Gasthuismolensteeg Office/workspace Amsterdam, Herengracht, Amsterdam Grachtengordel, +31 85 888 2882


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