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  • A space for a meeting
  • The hallway in the office building
  • Overview from the office space
  • The elevator in the office building in Amsterdam
  • A pantry
  • Frontside of the office building in Amsterdam
  • A quiet place where you can work
  • The roof terrace

Our desks in Amsterdam Oost

For rent in our office

(Last updated at 9 June 2022)

We have the following for rent:

Fulltime desks for €350 per desk per month (currently unavailable)

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  • 0 available
  • €350 / month

Including desk, internet facilities, printer, meeting space, kvk-registration, postal address and pantry

Notice period

An initial duration of 2 months followed by an ongoing contract with a notice of one month

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About our office

Frontside of the office building

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About us

In our office in Amsterdam Oost we currently don't have anything for rent.

Address: Launchdesk Panamalaan Zeeburgerpad Office/workspace Amsterdam, Panamalaan, Amsterdam Oost, +31 85 888 2882


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