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Are you looking for an office space in Barneveld? There are several options possible for renting an office in this town. In the business area De Briellaerd there are multiple office spaces for rent for example. See all our offers here and compare prices or read reviews of viewers. Visits can be planned easily at one or more locations.This is how it works:

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Rent an office space in Barneveld

Castle De Schaffelaar, De Briellaerd, several parks and forests, industrial area De Harselaar and the Zeumerse lakes; Barneveld has a quiet and green environment, close to the highway. Several medium sized companies have their home in Barneveld and the business environment is pleasant.

Would you like to rent an office in Barneveld but do you find it difficult to pick the right office? Launchdesk has a great amount of options available and we would love to help you find the right office space. What do you think of an office space on the Koolhovenstraat Plantage, where there are multiple offices available in many different sizes. Several companies are gathered in one building and there are all kinds of facilities.

Have you seen our options but find it hard to choose? Or do you have specific wishes for the new office you want to start renting? We would love to help you look for the right office space: call us at +31(0)85 888 2882 or use our contact form.

We have not been active in Barneveld for very long and we don't have any separate office spaces here yet. Edit your search filter or contact us and we'll help you search.

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