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Beautiful building with high ceilings and many windows, in the center of Amsterdam

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The provider of the Kerkstraat Vijzel office space in Amsterdam

Our office is situated at a wonderful location in the centre of Amsterdam, the Kerkstraat. Here we work together with a number of enthusiastic and pleasant entrepreneurs who have a lot of contact with each other. We offer a great workplace with lots of facilities. Anyone is welcome to rent a desk here.

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(Last updated at 18 January 2018)

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Fulltime desks for €275 per desk per month (currently unavailable)

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  • €275 / month

Including desk, internet, meeting space, cabinet, kvk-registration, postal address and kitchen

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About our office

The provider of the Kerkstraat Vijzel office space in Amsterdam

Besides our top class location in Amsterdam this is also a beautiful building to work in. We have great facilities such as an A3 printer, equipped kitchen and are also very easy to reach. The tram stops nearby.

More about our office

Former gallery

Our office is located in a former gallery and features a high ceiling. This originally used to be a coach house and also the location for bicycle factory Burco. Our space is well lit because the entire front part of the building contains windows. We look out on the Kerkstraat, where there is always plenty going on.

The workplaces

If you rent a workplace with us you will have your own desk, linked to other desks. The desk is a Gespen desk, from the former head office of the ABN Amro bank and naturally come with a proper desk chair. You can store your belongings in one of the open shelving unit, which we have placed against the wall. If you want to store smaller items you can use the cabinets, which you can slide underneath your own desk.


Our office has a kitchen. In it you will find a combi-microwave, refrigerator and sandwich toaster. All tenants are welcome to use it. We also have a full colour A3 laser printer and a separate conference table. And last but not least….we have a guard goldfish!

Work atmosphere

There is a pleasant work atmosphere at our office and if possible we like to work together. When we are working the place is quiet, with some music playing in the background. Making phone calls is not a problem, as long as you do not bother the other around you. We are great fans of toasted sandwiches and have lunch together every day at the conference table. Friday if chips-day! We might go for a few spontaneous drinks on a Friday but this is not a regular weekly event.

Area and accessibility

Because we are located right in the centre it is easy to reach us with public transport. If you commute by car you can park it at the car park in the Vijzelstraat. Across from us there is an Albert Heijn supermarket and you can head for the Amstelveld if you want to relax for a bit.

In our office in Amsterdam Grachtengordel we currently don't have anything for rent.

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"De bezichtiging was geslaagd, en ik zou daar graag per 1 april 2016 een werkplek willen huren."

Renter since April 2016

Address: Launchdesk Kerkstraat Vijzel Office/workspace Amsterdam, Kerkstraat, Amsterdam Grachtengordel, +31 85 888 2882


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