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Corner building on the waterfront with free parking

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At our beautiful corner building in Amsterdam North we still have a few desks available. Currently we are working here with a number of young entrepreneurs who are mainly active in IT. Anyone is welcome at our office. We have everything we need at the office, from a soup vending machine to a printer. We work hard but also enjoy some down time, for example we regularly have lunch together. Interested? Come by and work a day at the office: that way you can see if the office is a good fit for you. We greet you!

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  • Rent office space Kropaarstraat 1B, Amsterdam (9)
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Our desks in Amsterdam Noord

For rent in our office

(Last updated at 31 January 2020)

We have the following for rent:

3 fulltime desks for €175 per desk per month (ex VAT)

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  • 3 available
  • €175 / month

Including desk, internet facilities, coffee/tea, printer, meeting space, cabinet, kvk-registration, postal address, pantry and parking facility

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A cancellation notice of one month

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About our office

Rent office space Kropaarstraat 1B, Amsterdam (7)

Our office is located on the former industrial estate in Amsterdam North: a pleasant location with above all great accessibility. You can reach the bus stop or the ferry within a couple of minutes. The bus or ferry takes you to Amsterdam Central Station in ten minutes. You can also park your car free of charge in front of the office. The interior of the building is basic and minimalistic, ensuring a pleasant and calm work atmosphere.

More about our office

About us

From a broker-app and a startup in health movement to an IT-consultancy and VoIP-telephony. At our office is a nice mix of young entrepreneurs who work hard for their startup and consultants. We are hard workers but also love a joke and a beer. This diversity is the very thing we like the most and encourage!

The office

Our office is located on the first floor of a neat looking corner building. You enter through the representable hallway and you can take either the elevator or stairs upstairs. The first floor is divided in two spaces. In the front space houses eight large desks, a good coffee machine, an electric kettle, a soup vending machine, refrigerator, a water tap and a toilet. The large amount of daylight entering and the minimalistic interior make this a pleasant and spacious office. In the back room are six desks and a private meeting room with a large conference table and a television with Chromecast for presentations.

The neighbourhood

Our office is located on the old industrial estate in Amsterdam North. The location is ideal: parking is free here and you can reach the bus stop within a couple of minutes. Furthermore there is a gym down the sport for sport enthusiasts and you can have a nice lunch at for example Café de Ceuvel or Eye. Our office is located on the waterfront and it is a wonderful place to go for a stroll during your break.

What do we offer?

If you rent a workplace from us we will give you a beautiful large desk and an adjustable desk chair. Everyone also gets a filing cabinet or a space in a lockable cabinet to store belongings. You will receive your own key and are welcome to use our Internet connection and our printer. Receiving people or having meetings at the office is not a problem at all. The meeting room is available for everyone. However, you could also go to the lobby of the nearby NH Hotel for a meeting.

The atmosphere

The office enjoys a productive work atmosphere. We always take each other into consideration, allowing everyone to work in peace. In addition to hard work we do also enjoy a bit of down time. We regularly have lunch together and in summer we place a couple of chairs on the waterfront to enjoy a few rays of sunshine.

In our office in Amsterdam Noord we have 3 fulltime desks for rent.

Reviews of viewers and renters

11 reviews


"Het zag er goed uit. Ik wil hier graag per direct een plek huren voor twee dagen per week."

Renter since June 2016

"Wij waren heel enthousiast over de locatie aan de Kropaarstraat en zullen deze week een beslissing nemen."

Renting at Lizzy Ansinghstraat since October 2016

"was een prettige rondleiding; ik heb afgesproken begin volgende week een keuze te maken.."

Viewer in April 2016

"Ik vond het een leuk kantoor en wil hier zo snel mogelijk beginnen."

Renter since March 2016

"We decided not to get the desks until we have a bit more clarity on our situation."

Viewer in March 2016

"Was goed om de mogelijkheid te zien. Was de eerste optie die ik bekeken heb. Deze locatie is denk ik één van de goedkoopste in Amsterdam."

Viewer in December 2015

"Mooie locatie met leuke mensen!"

Renter since December 2015

"Het past niet bij mij."

Viewer in November 2015

"Echt een heel erg leuke werkplek in Amsterdam Noord."

Renter since November 2015

"Leuk kantoor, hier willen we wel 2 bureau's hebben."

Renter since September 2015

"Ik heb vanochtend een goede indruk gekregen, wat mij betreft kom ik vanaf 1 juli 'full time'."

Renting at Mauritskade Oosterpark since August 2014

Address: Launchdesk Kropaarstraat Witbol Office/workspace Amsterdam, Kropaarstraat, Amsterdam Noord, +31 85 888 2882


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