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My office is situated at a tremendously nice and inspiring location in Amsterdam East. The office is located in a terrific neighbourhood with plenty of creative activity. We have assembled a jovial group of entrepreneurs and on occasion we have drinks together or catch a movie. The office is situated within 10 minutes walking distance from Muiderpoort train station and tramline 14 has a stop around the corner.

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Our desks in Amsterdam Oost

For rent in our office

(Last updated at 2 June 2022)

We have the following for rent:

1 fulltime desk for €200 per desk per month (ex VAT)

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  • 1 available
  • €200 / month

Including mail processing, desk, internet facilities, coffee/tea, printer, cabinet, kvk-registration, postal address and pantry

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A cancellation notice of 2 months

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About our office

Our office originally was the first technical school in the Netherlands. Later, the building was fully renovated and today the office is a fun, inspiring place for creative entrepreneurs. The area has several great locations. The Javastraat is very near the office and Studio/K is located next door. There they have a cosy café, terrace and even a cinema.

More about our office

About us

My name is André and I make documentaries, short films and commissioned films. Before I started working as a freelancer twelve years ago I used to work for the NOB in Hilversum. At the moment the office also houses a translator and a lawyer. It would be nice to have another person who also works with imagery or websites, but anyone is welcome here.

Fixed desks at the Timorplein in Amsterdam Oost

I have created my own office in the space where you enter the building: the individual work places are located in the space at the top of the small staircase. The office has very thick walls and proper ventilation. As a result the office is never too hot.

Your workspace Amsterdam Oost

If you come to work here you are welcome to use one of the desks available of you could even bring your own. You could also bring your own desk chair, or use one from the office. Naturally you will be given your own key, granting you access 24/7.


You are allowed to use all the facilities when you work here. We have a pantry in the office space, containing a refrigerator, coffee maker and an electric kettle. At the end of the hallway we also have a large shared kitchen. The office space has a nice dining table that also functions as a meeting table. The building is properly secured including an alarm among others, so you can safely store your belongings here. Of course Internet is included in the price.


We often go for drinks with the people from the office. We often head down to Studio/K and to visit the café or sit on the terrace. Furthermore we also sometimes go the cinema or to EYE. In any case, we always have lunch together with everybody present at the office. The people in the building are very sociable and you will quickly meet the other entrepreneurs.

In our office in Amsterdam Oost we have one fulltime desk for rent.

Reviews of viewers and renters

4 reviews


"Prima locatie, dicht bij huis. Maar het is vrij klein en ik bel heel veel en dat word te onrustig denk ik."

Renting at Mauritskade Oosterpark since July 2015

"Ik heb de ruimte gezien en met André afgesproken hem na enkele dagen te bellen. De ruimte is goed, maar voldoet niet aan mijn behoefte op dit moment. Ik heb een andere werksfeer nodig."

Viewer in March 2015

"ik vind het jammer dat de ruimte niet geschikt is voor mijn praktijk. De ruimte ziet er wel goed uit: ruim en fris. Ik heb echt een zelfstandige kamer of ruimte nodig."

Viewer in January 2015

"Leuke locatie, maar kies toch voor een andere die beter bij me past."

Viewer in October 2014

Address: Launchdesk Timorplein Borneo Office/workspace Amsterdam, Timorplein, Amsterdam Oost, +31 85 888 2882


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