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Our office is located in a former conventicle on the Brouwersgracht in the Jordaan where there are always things to do. In this building we do not only offer individual work places but we also rent out two large professional photography studios. When you enter the premises you encounter our fantastic 'Kantina' with delicious coffee, tea and lunches. We all know each other well and a pleasant work atmosphere is absolutely key to us.

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Our desks in Amsterdam Centrum

For rent in our office

(Last updated at 2 June 2022)

We have the following for rent:

5 fulltime desks for €375 per desk per month (ex VAT)

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  • 5 available
  • €375 / month

Including mail processing, desk, internet facilities, coffee/tea, printer, meeting space, cabinet, kvk-registration, postal address and pantry

Notice period

A cancellation notice of 2 months

Rent office space Brouwersgracht 134, Amsterdam (19)

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About our office

Rent office space Brouwersgracht 134, Amsterdam (18)

Our office is located in a former Catholic conventicle. After the church fell into disuse the building was fully renovated and ultimately turned into a photography studio. You can still see the arches from the old church in the office space upstairs. In this neighbourhood you will find the Haarlemmermarkt and the Noordermarkt, so it is the ideal place to let your hair down a bit every once in a while.

More about our office

About us

In our building we have a large photography studio where a lot of shoots for major companies and magazines are done. This is also why there are primarily photographers, filmmakers and editors working here. We are mainly looking for creative people, for example app developers. Here, you will have plenty of opportunities to collaborate with the other tenants. At our place we prefer to mix fun and work.

Fixed desks at the Brouwersgracht in Amsterdam Centrum

When you enter our building you will first encounter our cosy 'Kantina'. The large photography studios are located at the back and upstairs is where you will find the work places. The walls are painted with the same paint used in our photography studio, offering the office a very spacious and bright feel. However, thanks to the wooden beams the office still has a cosy look to it.

Your workspace Amsterdam Centrum

When you rent a place with us you will be assigned a large desk with a comfortable desk chair. All the desks come with a cabinet. If you want to store more items there is some additional storage space in the closet. We will give you your own key, granting you 24/7 access.


We allow you to use a lot of facilities. The office has a small kitchen with an espresso machine, dishwasher and refrigerator. Naturally we also have fast Internet. In the back of the office space there is a separate meeting room that everyone is welcome to use. Downstairs in the kantina you can get a great cup of coffee at any time. For the much needed relaxation we have a fussball table and upstairs you will find a large ping pong table and a few nice sitting areas.


Each day is different at our place. Because we also have photography studio's we have different people passing through our building every day. This results in a nice mix of people. A fantastic lunch with fresh soups and salads is prepared every day. You are welcome to join anytime you like. During lunch cross-pollination often occurs. The Noordermarkt and the Haarlemmerdijk are also great locations for cosy restaurants and lively bars.

In our office in Amsterdam Centrum we have 5 fulltime desks for rent.

Reviews of viewers and renters

17 reviews


"Heel erg leuk kantoor, maar past niet helemaal bij wat ik zoek."

Viewer in January 2016

"De Brouwersgracht is uiteindelijk wat ver bij mijn huis vandaan."

Viewer in September 2015

"Mooi concept, maar we zoeken een locatie dat makkelijker bereikbaar is per auto."

Renting at Johan Huizingalaan 761-763 B1 since October 2015

"Op zich prima. Wel hadden we een paar dingen anders verwacht zoals o.a. het geluidsniveau."

Renting at Johan Huizingalaan 761-763 B1 since August 2017

"Zojuist ben ik bij Brouwersgracht Prinsen geweest, was een bliksem bezoekje, want ik mag daar niet bellen :) Ik ben een IT Recruiter en bellen doe ik (redelijk) veel. Helaas, want het was een hele mooie ruimte!"

Viewer in July 2015

"Mooie ruimte, helaas is er nu geen werkplek beschikbaar (binnen kort wel weer). Ik wacht nog even tot er weer een werkplek beschikbaar is."

Viewer in May 2015

"Brouwersgracht Prinsen is een prachtig kantoor. Wat een gaaf pand en top locatie. Ook de partijen in het pand zijn voor mij relevant (reclame). Ik had alleen gehoopt dat ik de prijs (€ 375,00 voor een bureau) kon delen met mijn partner. Dat we samen aan het bureau konden zitten, wat qua ruimte wel mogelijk is. Maar helaas. Hij heeft op dit moment niets beschikbaar, ik wil het pand zeker nog in gedachte houden, maar de prijs kan ik op dit moment niet betalen."

Viewer in May 2015

"The office is great!"

Viewer in April 2015

"Leuke locatie, maar ik moet er nog even over nadenken."

Viewer in January 2015

"Prachtig pand, maar ze hebben geen plaatsen beschikbaar."

Viewer in January 2015

"Het was niet precies wat ik zocht."

Viewer in November 2014

"Het was goed om de ruimte gezien te hebben. Mooi, groot, ze zaten al bijna helemaal vol, er stonden nog 3 mensen in optie geloof ik."

Viewer in November 2014

"De locatie is naar mijn smaak te rommelig."

Renting at Herengracht Driekoningen since November 2014

"Vandaag heb ik de werkplek bekeken en heb besloten om hier geen werkplek te huren."

Renting at Kanaalstraat Staring since January 2015

"Leuke locatie, ik denk dat ik hier wel wil huren."

Viewer in September 2014

"Wij zijn enthousiast over de ruimte, de locatie en de koffie"

Renter since November 2014

"In overall I liked it, the nicest thing about the place is that you can enter the place 24 hours. But that's not really a priority for me."

Viewer in July 2014

Address: Launchdesk Brouwersgracht Prinsen Office/workspace Amsterdam, Brouwersgracht, Amsterdam Centrum, +31 85 888 2882


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