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Our studio is on the KNSM Island in Loods 6, the former departure terminal for the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company. The building was completely renovated in 1997. Since then, all sorts of creative companies have moved there. From our studio on the first floor, we have a terrific view of the IJ River. The KNSM Island is primarily a residential area, so it's great for working without disruption. You can use the meeting spaces at no charge and there's also an outside terrace.

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(Last updated at 2 June 2022)

We have the following for rent:

3 fulltime desks for €250 per desk per month (ex VAT)

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  • 3 available
  • €250 / month

Including desk, internet facilities, coffee/tea, printer, meeting space, cabinet, kvk-registration, postal address and pantry

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A cancellation notice of one month

Rent office space KNSM-laan 131, Amsterdam (19)

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About our office

Our studio is square, with a floor area of 230 m². The space is completely open and therefore quite light. We have created a meeting platform in the centre. This can be closed off with heavy curtains. The studio has an industrial appearance due to its concrete walls and rugged ceiling. The atmosphere is informal and creative. This location is easily accessible by public transport and by car.

More about our office

About us

We are a design agency for professional and consumer products. We design many mobility products, among other things. In our studio, we do research, design concepts and create visualisations. So it's mainly computer work. In our workshop downstairs, we also build models occasionally. We'd like to see the empty workplaces in our office filled with entrepreneurs who create and who can complement our efforts - such as web designers, app designers, graphic designers, digital product designers and marketing people. The workplaces are ideal for entrepreneurs who are looking to step into an inspirational studio.

Fixed desks at the KNSM-laan in Amsterdam Oost

There are four blocks of workplaces, all of them near windows and with a view over the water. Next to the meeting platform, in the middle of the room, is a large lunch table. A small kitchen and closet space are near the entrance.

Your workspace Amsterdam Oost

Renting a workplace from us gives you a large work surface with a chair and a drawer unit. If you need to store more stuff, then we can also make space in the large closets. Music is almost always playing softly in our studio.


Our delicious coffee and tea are free and at midday you can join in a communal lunch for a small fee. We also offer server space and there is a garage for rent if needed. Our studio offers fast wireless Internet and you may use our printer (fair use policy). Meetings can be held on the meeting platform in our studio. A large free meeting space on the building's ground floor can also be booked. Use of our workplace in the basement is allowed in consultation. Need to relax? Play a game on our self-designed foosball table.


We often work with freelancers, interns and other temps - this allows us to expand our network quickly. We always make sure that everyone is quickly made to feel welcome in the space and in the team. We lunch together every day - preferably outside on our picnic table on the adjacent terrace. We also have drinks there regularly. Finally, the KNSM Island is home to several cafés and restaurants such as Café de Zuid, Pata Negra and Happy Happy Joy Joy. In the restaurant at Loods 6, De Kompaszaal, you get a discount on food and drinks.

In our office in Amsterdam Oost we have 3 fulltime desks for rent.

Reviews of viewers and renters

6 reviews


"Ik voel minder een klik met de mensen en de plek."

Viewer in January 2016

"was nice, friendly people, and my kind of style. The downside is that there’s no synergy between what I do and what they do (product design). Because of that I’m going to rule it out, but it’s no reflection on them or the space. It’s just that I would like, if possible, to be among people who do similar work to me (text, websites, communication, images – that kind of thing)."

Viewer in December 2015

"locatie is prettig. De ligging en het kantoor op de knsm laan is iets handiger voor ons. Maar daar is de prijs ook weer hoger."

Viewer in November 2015

"Lekkere industriële ruimte met bijzonder uitzicht over het IJ. De andere mensen in de ruimte zijn plezierig om mee samen te werken. Er is genoeg ruimte om te concentreren of een praatje te maken zonder dat mensen elkaar storen. In de buurt genoeg plekken om even een broodje te halen of een bakkie te doen."

Renter since December 2015

"Ik vind het een mooie werkplek en een fijne omgeving. Ik hik wel een beetje aan tegen de opzegtermijn, ik heb geen plannen om snel weg te gaan, maar dit is wel erg veel."

Viewer in September 2015

"De Sumatrakade was ook een prachtige plek, met erg aardige rondleider (John Kok) maar het is niet de plek waar ik nu zou willen aansluiten."

Renting at KNSM-Laan 93 since July 2016

Address: Launchdesk KNSM-laan Sumatrakade Office/workspace Amsterdam, KNSM-laan, Amsterdam Oost, +31 85 888 2882


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