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This building on the Witte de Withstraat, in the district de Baarsjes, used to accommodate houses and shops. Today it is a serviced building for creative entrepreneurs. My own office is located in the basement with its own entrance via the Baarsjesweg. We have a large, bright common room available to everybody. The vibe in this building is very relaxed and informal.

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  • Rent office space Baarsjesweg 208, Amsterdam (10)
  • Rent office space Baarsjesweg 208, Amsterdam (11)
  • Rent office space Baarsjesweg 208, Amsterdam (12)
  • Rent office space Baarsjesweg 208, Amsterdam (13)
  • Rent office space Baarsjesweg 208, Amsterdam (14)
  • Rent office space Baarsjesweg 208, Amsterdam (15)
  • Rent office space Baarsjesweg 208, Amsterdam (3)

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Rent office space Baarsjesweg 208, Amsterdam (6)

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About our office

De Baarsjes is an up and coming area, where so much is happening. We are noticing more and more bars and restaurants appearing, as well as entrepreneurs setting up shop. The place is easily accessible with public transport: trams 7 and 17 stop in front of the door. Additionally you can quickly leave the city by car via the Postjesweg, while equally fast reaching the centre via the Kinkerstraat. In short: an ideal location.

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About us

My name is Jan and I am a photographer. I photograph everything to do with eating, drinking and hospitality. I work, among others, for hotel, wine makers and the food industry and shoot photographs for cookbooks. I regularly work with two other people and additionally we frequently hire freelancers for larger projects. I am looking for office mates who, like me, work in the creative industry. Filmmakers, graphic designers, website builders, marketeers: it could be a number of things.

Fixed desks at Baarsjesweg in Amsterdam West

My office measures approximately 75 square metres and consists of two large open sections. There are four workplaces near the window that I do not use. These are available to rent. The office is pleasantly lively with large shelving units and printing on the wall.

Your workspace Amsterdam West

Your workplace consists of a large classic desk with filing cabinet. Additionally everybody has a comfortable desk chair. Naturally we have wireless Internet so you can get started on your laptop straight away. Do you need more storage room? We still have some room in our shelving units.


The nice thing about this building is the stylish common room freely available to be used by everyone. I have even done a photo-shoot there. This room also holds a large common table where you can welcome visitors or make an undisturbed phone call. This is also where we have lunch. Additionally, everyone who comes to work here receives his or her own key. Because we have an alarm system you can safely store your belongings here. There is also a small kitchen for everybody to use. Coffee and tea are included in the price. Do you need a large room for a project? The building next to us has rooms measuring 175 m2 and 110 m2 for rent per half day.


Everybody in this building does his or her own thing but the atmosphere is very open en pleasant. People walk in and out and most people work with their door open. Because everybody works in the creative industry collaborations are quite common. Furthermore several activities are being organized both in this building and the one next door, such as film nights, tango lessons, live music and neighbourhood dinners. We are also located across from café Edel, close to café Kostverloren, bar Spek and the Nohotel. Plenty to do!

In our office in Amsterdam West we have one fulltime desk for rent.

Reviews of viewers and renters

8 reviews


"It was good thank you and I was thinking of taking the space. Would August the 17 work ? Thank you and have a good day"

Renter since September 2015

"I'm taking one of their vacant desks starting next week."

Renter since July 2015

"Zijn ze momenteel aan het verbouwen. Dit lijkt mij een fijne rustige werkplek, ik zoek alleen meer een samenwerk-plek."

Viewer in June 2015

"it was nice, very creative, good vibe there."

Renting at Overschiestraat Heenwegpad since August 2015

"Was goed! Maar ik moet zelf even goed bekijken wat de eisen van de Voedsel en Waren autoriteit zijn voor 'productie' van het drankje en of dit kantoor geschikt is."

Viewer in May 2015

"Een prima bureau, leuke plek, ook bij leuk bedrijf."

Viewer in February 2015

"Leuk kantoor! Past goed, maar ik zoek eigenlijk een flexplek waar ik mijn spullen kan laten staan en ze hebben hier geen flexplekken helaas."

Viewer in January 2015

"De Witte de Withstraat zou voor mij qua locatie ideaal zijn (dichterbij huis). Ook was Jan heel gastvrij én hij is net als ik fotograaf. Toch kreeg ik de indruk dat er nog het één en ander moest gebeuren en daarnaast zouden er in de komende weken veel mensen weg gaan en bijkomen. Dat is natuurlijk allemaal prima, maar ik zoek voor nu even een plek waar ik meteen overzichtelijk aan het werk kan."

Renting at Vinkenstraat since January 2015

Address: Launchdesk Witte de Withstraat Baarsjesweg Office/workspace Amsterdam, Baarsjesweg, Amsterdam West, +31 85 888 2882


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