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Spectacularly decorated office in big warehouse at the IJ.

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We are a design agency with a big office at the IJ. We are looking for five freelancers or entrepreneurs to share our office with. We are right at the water, only a few minutes away from the ferry, so you are not far from the center. Besides this we have free parking in front of the office! Our office is really a big warehouse, which can open up on one side completely, which is very nice during summer.

Photos of the office

  • The workspace at Het IJ are on the first floor
  • In the office there's a big table you can use for meetings
  • The flexible desks are very spacious
  • An overview of the desks in the officespace
  • With the rent of the office space there's also the use of meeting rooms, like this hut
  • The coworking space you rent has a lot of space
  • A top view of the incubator space from the first floor
  • View over the IJ from the office

Our desks in Amsterdam Noord

For rent in our office

(Last updated at 2 June 2022)

We have the following for rent:

Fulltime desks for €249 per desk per month (currently unavailable)

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  • 0 available
  • €249 / month

Including desk, internet facilities, meeting space, cabinet, kvk-registration, postal address, pantry and parking facility

Notice period

A cancellation notice of 2 months

Rent office space Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 57, Amsterdam (19)

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About our office

Rent office space Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 57, Amsterdam (18)

Our office is at a beautiful location, right at the water. The ferry is only at a couple of minutes walking distance, so you can be in the center in no time. The advantage of our location is that you can easily park your car in front of the office. The people at our office mainly have a background in design and organization. It doesn’t really matter to us what the backgrounds of the people are that we are going to share our office with. Technical people, designers, other creative people, everyone is welcome as far as we’re concerned.

More about our office

About us

We are a cocreation studio. We do design and organizational projects aimed at branding and education. We have a versatile team existing of designers and producers and we work a lot with people abroad.

Fixed desks at the Ms. van Riemsdijkweg in Amsterdam Noord

We transformed a large warehouse into an office, and we put a lot of thought and effort into the interior. Our office really stands out: we have a meeting room in the form of a wooden cabin for example, and the lighting and furniture match perfectly. The office has really high ceilings, and it’s really spacious. During summer we always open up the side doors, so a lot of daylight can come in. The free workspaces are situated on the first floor. This is sort of a ‘half floor’, which is in contact with the ground floor.

Your workspace Amsterdam Noord

You get your own workspace at our office, which exists of a (very) large desk with a beautiful design. So you can leave your things. We bought good, ergonomic chairs. Besides this, we arranged great lighting. The workspaces again are very spacious, which is possible because our office is really big.


The Internet works fine and you can make use of our color printer. Meetings can be held in a separate meeting area or in the ‘meeting cabin’. There is a pantry with a fridge and a good coffee machine. There is always coffee in the office and a good assortment of tea. You can park in front of the office for free, so it’s no problem to come to the office by car.


We have a versatile, and very nice team, so the atmosphere is really great. We sometimes have lunch together and we are part of the Launchdesk network: a network of startups, Internet entrepreneurs, marketers and designers in Amsterdam that host events and drinks on a regular basis.

In our office in Amsterdam Noord we currently don't have anything for rent.

Reviews of viewers and renters

11 reviews


"Ik wil graag een plekje huren, maar er is nu niks vrij op kantoor helaas."

Viewer in November 2013

"Heel erg leuk kantoor. En een goede vergaderruimte."

Renter since November 2013

"De plek is top, maar de loods schrikt een aantal van mijn meer corporate klanten af vrees ik. Ik ga nog even verder kijken."

Viewer in October 2013

"Ik zou heel graag twee bureaus willen huren."

Viewer in August 2013

"Goed kantoor. Het past helemaal bij mij. Ik wil hier graag een werkplek huren."

Renter since August 2013

"Deze ruimte vond ik leuk. Ik heb al met wat mensen gesproken die daar werken en misschien is een samenwerking mogelijk. Als dit doorgaat, is de kans groot dat ik hier iets wil gaan huren. Dus daar wil ik nog even op wachten."

Viewer in August 2013

"Mooie en goede locatie om als werkplek te hebben. Dit is een goede optie!"

Renting at Lizzy Ansinghstraat since October 2014

"I love it. It feels really creative, comfortable and the space is great. The desks are positioned out of the way so fairly private if needed. Travelling with the ferry isn't the greatest thing. And there isn't much natural light."

Viewer in July 2013

"Ik vond de ruimte boven warm en te donker. Ook zou ik een zelf een goede bureaustoel mee moeten nemen. Ik denk niet dat ik hier iets ga huren."

Viewer in June 2013

"Mooie rustige werkplek. Ik ga er zeker over nadenken om hier iets te huren."

Viewer in May 2013

"Bij de groene draek (waar Loft is opgenomen) hadden ze een losse kamer beschikbaar, maar het nadeel is dat die erg in een hoek zat met heel weinig ramen. Dus geeft het een gesloten gevoel en dat werkt niet lekker."

Viewer in March 2013

Address: Launchdesk Het IJ Office/workspace Amsterdam, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg, Amsterdam Noord, +31 85 888 2882


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