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Fun, light office with industrial feel in stately building near central station.

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In the heart of Amsterdam there are workspaces available in this beautiful office. A lot of creative entrepreneurs work in our building and you’ll quickly get to know lots of new people. The office has an industrial look and there is a relaxed atmosphere. You have the freedom to use most things in the building and you’ll find lots of nice cafes and bars around the corner to grab a drink or a bite.

Photos of the office

  • Talk about business or just pretend?
  • The meeting room with great acoustics
  • Eight workspaces in a beautiful, light corner space at the Rokin!
  • An extra free meeting room
  • Elegant entrance the better customers
  • ‘If you make a website for me… I’ll design a house for you.’
  • ‘Do you have any idea how much work that is… a website?’
  • ‘Well, do it yourself then.’
  • Pingpong table in the basement for some necessary relaxation
  • Office with balcony on the nearly renewed Rokin!

Our desks in Amsterdam Centrum

For rent in our office

(Last updated at 31 January 2020)

We have the following for rent:

Part-time flex desks for 5 days per week for €199 per month (currently unavailable)

  • A parttime flexdesk for five days per week. View
  • 0 available
  • €199 / month

Including desk, internet facilities, coffee/tea, meeting space, cabinet, postal address and pantry

Notice period

A cancellation notice of 2 months

Rent office space Rokin 69, Amsterdam (19)

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About our office

Rent office space Rokin 69, Amsterdam (18)

My office is located on the Rokin at a walking distance of Amsterdam Central Station, right by Dam Square. It’s a vibrant neigbourhood, where a lot happens. In the building I work in, a lot of other creative companies work as well. Once a month we have drinks together. There is a roof terrace and we have a few ping pong tables in the cellar we use to relax a little.

More about our office

About us

My name is Janjaap. I am an architect who wants to innovate by going back in time. My most well known design is the Landscape House. This is a house that can be printed using a 3D printer, and of which the floor and ceiling consists of one solid piece. This house hasn’t been built yet, but hopefully it will. In my office at the Rokin I have a few spaces left for entrepreneurs. I’d like it if you do something creative, or build things, so we can inspire each other. But everyone is welcome to join.

Parttime desks at the Rokin in Amsterdam Centrum

My office is about fourty square meters and is located on the second floor of a beautiful historic building (herenhuis). The stone staircase and the wide hallways give this building a great look. My office itself has high ceilings and the large windows let in a lot of light. The interior design is industrial. I have painted the floor white and I designed the hardwood tables myself. There are a total of six workspaces.

Your workspace Amsterdam Centrum

If you come to work here you can sit at the long tables where you’ll have about 160 cm of space. We have comfertable design chairs and there is enough closet space available for everyone. If you want to store more things you can use the cellar as well. From our balcony you have a great view of the Rokin. When you rent a hotdesk, you’re free to use it 7 days a week. You will get your own key so you can determine your own working hours.


On the ground floor of the building there is a meeting room that everyone can use. There is also a kitchen there, as well as on our floor. I have a coffee machine, a water cooker and a printer. There is a fast Internet connection as well of course. Around the corner there are lots of nice places to grab a bit to eat or have a drink. The NRC Cafe is our neighbour and right behind that you’ll find Hotel V and Brakke Grond. For relaxation we have a ping pong table in the basement and if you come to work by bike you can safely leave it in our small courtyard. You get your own key and the building is accessible 24/7.


At this moment I work with a marketeer and a copy writer in my office. The atmosphere is relaxed, but we do work hard. I like meeting new people so I don’t mind it if you receive clients or people you work with at the office. I’m open to anything: drinks in the city, communal lunch or a barbecue during summer on the roof terrace. Once a month we have drinks with all the companies in our building and we are a part of the Launchdesk network, which is a network of startups, internet entrepreneurs, marketeers and designers. They often organise events and drinks.

In our office in Amsterdam Centrum we currently don't have anything for rent.

Reviews of viewers and renters

21 reviews


"Leuke plek, gezellige sfeer. Maar uit eindelijk bij een vriend gaan huren."

Viewer in January 2016

"Leuk kantoor, prima locatie. Hier wil ik me wel settelen."

Viewer in April 2015

"Het was een prachtige locatie maar ik vond het kantoor iets te klein en het waren alleen mannen dus ik kijk nog even verder."

Renting at Brouwersgracht Oranje since March 2015

"Leuke locatie, maar kies toch voor een andere die beter bij me past."

Viewer in October 2014

"Het was een goede bezichtiging en ik heb een positief gevoel eraan overgehouden. Met JanJaap heb ik gesproken over een mogelijke indeling en gang van zaken."

Renter since November 2014

"I liked the Rokin option, I won’t keep looking as the location for Rokin was more than perfect."

Viewer in September 2014

"Leuk kantoor, ik zou graag een proefdag willen zitten."

Renting at Timorplein Borneo since September 2014

"Sfeer okee maar het zijn meer flexplekken begreep ik. Wel interessante mensen om mee samen te werken. Voor 6 mensen is de bureauruimte erg beperkt."

Renting at KNSM-laan Sumatrakade since May 2018

"Ik wil hier heel graag een plek huren."

Renter since August 2014

"Mooi gebouw, netjes van binnen. De werkplek was een beetje klein. Ik wil graag nog wat andere opties zien."

Viewer in July 2014

"I thought it was a great office, and the people are so nice, but I really need more quiet: people are talking loudly and I can't focus when that happens."

Viewer in June 2014

"Ik vond dat er veel te veel plekken in een ruimte stonden en te kleine bureaus. Ik zoek helaas iets anders."

Renting at Overschiestraat Heenwegpad since April 2015

"Ik vond het iets te rustig en ben meer op zoek naar iets met meer mensen."

Viewer in April 2014

"Deze staat hoog op mijn lijstje. Ik vind het een leuke locatie."

Viewer in March 2014

"Ik vond het kantoor op het Rokin fantastisch, maar er is helaas te weinig opslagruimte voor onze spullen."

Viewer in March 2014

"Prima kantoor wat goed bij mij past. Ik wil hier graag starten."

Renter since March 2014

"Een klik was er wat bij betreft zeker. Maar we hebben nog een paar andere opties waarbij we meer opslagruimte hebben."

Renting at Hogehilweg Karspeldreef since December 2015

"Ik werk graag aan een bureau dat in hoogte verstelbaar is. Dat is helaas op het Rokin geen optie. Verder vind ik de opzet om aan lange tafels te werken niet zo fijn. Overigens wel een prachtige plek verder."

Viewer in February 2014

"Leuk kantoor, ik ben erg enthousiast. Wil graag een plek huren."

Renter since March 2014

"Dat was erg leuk daar! Ik vond de ruimte ook heel geschikt. Ik had een collega meegenomen die ook erg enthousiast was."

Viewer in February 2014

"Leuk kantoor! Ik wil graag over drie maanden starten."

Viewer in January 2014

Address: Launchdesk Rokin Lombard Office/workspace Amsterdam, Rokin, Amsterdam Centrum, +31 85 888 2882


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