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Our office is located inside a large, modern building in Amsterdam East. Although there are a lot of nice restaurants and cafés in the neighbourhood, it is still possible to work undisturbed. We have gathered a great bunch of people with whom we have lunch every day and play table tennis from time to time. The building is equipped with all the conveniences. It is for example possible to rent large presentation and meeting rooms.

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(Last updated at 2 June 2022)

We have the following for rent:

Fulltime desks for €250 per desk per month (currently unavailable)

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  • €250 / month

Including desk, internet facilities, coffee/tea, printer, meeting space, cabinet, kvk-registration, postal address and pantry

Notice period

A cancellation notice of 2 months

Rent office space Isaac Titsinghkade 103, Amsterdam (19)

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About our office

Rent office space Isaac Titsinghkade 103, Amsterdam (18)

Our office is located on the first floor of a modern building. The large windows offer a beautiful view of the Oostenburgervaart. Although the neighbourhood is very tranquil there are still some very hip and nice places to discover. For example, Amsterdam Roest and Brouwerij ‘t IJ are located around the corner.

More about our office

About us

Our company specializes in search engine marketing. We do not only offer advice but we are also able to assist businesses with the practical execution. We have been in business for about four years now and have seven employees. Some of our clients include for example Samsung, MTV and CJP (Dutch Youth Card). Before moving to this office we always used to share our office with other companies. Because we enjoyed that atmosphere we are currently once again looking for sociable office mates.

Fixed desks at the Isaac Titsinghkade in Amsterdam Oost

Our office measures approximately two hundred square metres. Our own desks are situated near the windows: we have placed the individual work places on the other side of the room. The office is very well insulated and we have a good air-conditioning system, so it never gets too hot in here.

Your workspace Amsterdam Oost

If you come to work at our place we will give you a very broad desk, measuring approximately two metres. We have plenty of space in our closets and on shelves for you to store items. Naturally you will be given your own key, allowing you 24/7 access.


At our place you are always welcome to use our kitchen. Here you will find among others a refrigerator, freezer, combi microwave, sandwich toaster and a dishwasher. We also have a proper coffee maker with beans and an electric kettle. Furthermore we have a very nice meeting room, which you are welcome to use at any time. It is possible to rent larger meeting or presentation rooms in the building should you need to. You are also free to play a quick game on our WII. Additionally, we also have a nice relaxation area with beanbags and a table tennis.


The atmosphere at our office is generally always very pleasant: we find it important to not take the office too seriously. We tend to have music playing most days and you can always play a quick game on the table tennis or on the WII. We have convivial drinks every Friday afternoon. Sometimes we have drinks at the office but luckily there are also plenty of great places in the area to go to. Roest and Brouwerij ‘t IJ are absolute favourites.

In our office in Amsterdam Oost we currently don't have anything for rent.

Reviews of viewers and renters

5 reviews


"Bij de Titsinghkade had ik niet een hele goede klik, ik mis daar is in de sfeer. Moeilijk te omschrijven, maar ik denk iets in de sfeer van meerdere kleine ondernemers en developers. Ik denk dat als ik daar zit ik wel vaak gevraagd word voor hulp, dat is leuk voor nieuwe klussen, maar ook storend voor lopend werk. Mensen zijn aardig, maar het is het net niet."

Renting at KNSM-laan Sumatrakade since December 2015

"Mooi kantoor maar niet de juiste werksfeer voor mijn werkzaamheden"

Renting at Overschiestraat Heenwegpad since April 2015

"Erg leuk kantoor, ik moet alleen nog voor mezelf beslissen waar mijn voorkeur naar uit gaat."

Renting at P.C. Hooftstraat Hobbema since October 2014

"Ik ben zonder meer vriendelijk ontvangen. Maar ik ben er nog niet uit. Mogelijk dat ik nog wat andere plekken zou willen bezoeken alvorens ik een besluit neem."

Viewer in September 2014

"Ik vond het een prachtig kantoor, maar helaas sluit mijn werk niet aan op het werk van de huidige bewoners."

Renting at House of Arts & Crafts since September 2014

Address: Launchdesk Isaac Titsinghkade Vaart Office/workspace Amsterdam, Isaac Titsinghkade, Amsterdam Oost, +31 85 888 2882


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